Washoe County Schools Showcase Technology

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RENO, NV -- Parent Leaders for Education, an education advocacy organization, showcased technologies being used in schools during a tour Tuesday. 'Technology Tuesday' was held at Clayton Middle School in Reno. Parent Leaders for Education said Clayton is the exception with interactive white boards, video conferencing and netbooks.

"Students were active learners they were no longer just sitting and listening they were active participants in the learning process," Bruce Meissner, Clayton's principal, said.

Staff said students were able to read to students at other schools via video conferencing.

"We get to use Powerpoint we get to learn a lot more than on pencil and paper," Alexis Meyers, a student at Clayton, said.

Students were also using wireless keypads to answer math questions.

Meissner said the technology was paid for with a grant. Parent Leaders for Education said new technologies can be paid for through capital funding, but the organization said it believes the Washoe County School District is facing $511 million in capital budget needs.

Monday, a tour was held at Roy Gomm Elementary School highlighting repairs needed, and improvements envisioned, for the facility.

The campaign comes as Governor Brian Sandoval prepares to deliver the State of the State address on Wednesday, and a few weeks ahead of the legislative session.

Senator Greg Brower (R-Washoe County) toured Clayton. "Clearly we have priorities education is a big one so it's going to be a challenge to come up with a budget that makes sense without raising taxes," he said.