Washoe County Makes Final Preparations for Early Voting

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RENO, NV -- Voting machines are being delivered to polling places ahead of the start of early voting. Early voting begins Saturday.

The machines were being brought into a shopping center on Plumb Lane Thursday afternoon -- early voting locations also include grocery stores and libraries. Go to Hot Topics for a complete list of locations.

Additionally, election officials said many voters should already have their samples ballots. All sample ballots for the county should be mailed by Friday.

"The generic part that looks like a newspaper we actually ran out of those because we had so many people register at the last minute, so we've got those ordered, they are in place now, and they are going to be dropped at the post office (Friday)," Luanne Cutler, administrative assistance at the Washoe County Registrar of Voters office, said.

Cutler said voters do not need to bring their samples ballots to vote. However, she said poll workers can scan a bar code on a sample ballot to more easily find a voter's information.

Poll worker training was scheduled to take place Thursday evening.

Voting machines delivered to twenty-two polling places will be tested Saturday before voters show up, according to Cutler.

A record number of people are registered to vote in Washoe County -- ten-thousand more than were registered during the last presidential election.