Washoe County Gas Tax Increases July 1

RENO, NV - It's Friday, and for some it's even payday.

That means a trip to the gas station, where at times it was bumper to bumper to get to the pump.

While some people pay inside, others pay at self-serve kiosks outside.

It can be a big expense.

When told that expense will be going up five cents a gallon on July 1st here in Washoe County, drivers were not happy.

“Not fair for the drivers because a lot of customers are commercial owners. I am a commercial owner back home. We are spending too much money for gas,” Angel Cabredilla.

Others put it more succinctly.

“I think it's a bunch of crap,” Cathy Taylor.

The tax increase in part is our own doing.

Back in 2008, voters approved a measure that would increase gasoline taxes in Washoe County.

That money would in turn be used to build and maintain roadways in the county.

At that time, the Regional Transportation Commission said they were suffering a 5-billion-dollar shortfall through 2040.

They blamed it on street and highway construction inflation costs.

The RTC recommended the tax be tied to the producer price index.

“SB 201 as it was called when into law... we worked with the Department of Motor Vehicles to put these formulas to adjust the fuel taxes to account for inflation and that's where we are today,” says Lee Gibson, RTC Executive Director.

The Producer Price Index is the average change over time of what the going wholesale price is for certain goods and services

Don't expect the tax to decrease anytime soon.

RTC says while inflation could go down, the tax in part is dependent on local employment and road construction needs.