Washoe County Calling Residents to Update Emergency Information

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RENO, NV - People who live in Washoe County are getting robocalls about updating the county's emergency database.

Emergency Manager Aaron Kenneston tells KOLO 8 News Now the system is designed to call people with what's called a reverse 911 in the event of an evacuation order or other emergency that impacts the public. It's also designed to allow emergency crews to respond to 911 calls involving callers hanging up before any information is given, because phone numbers are tied to specific addresses.

Kenneston says this is absolutely not a scam, and in fact if you get a call, your information is already up to date and you don't need to respond, unless you would like a different phone number used to alert you. But if you know someone who doesn't get the call, you're urged to have that person sign up via the county website to make sure the information in the database is up to date.

The link to sign up is below.