Warmer Today at 46

Warmer today at 46 and 54 Wednesday.

This morning’s wood burning color code has changed from YELLOW to RED. Due to unhealthy levels of fine particulate pollution and the persistent temperature inversion weather conditions affecting the area, the Washoe County Health District, Air Quality Management Division is issuing a RED BURN CODE NOTICE. Use of fireplaces, wood stoves, and pellet stoves is prohibited until weather conditions have improved. The areas affected by this notice are Reno, Sparks and Southern Washoe County from Washoe Valley to Silver Knolls.

A health advisory has been issued for sensitive groups. This includes children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with respiratory or cardiovascular disease. People in these sensitive groups are advised to remain indoors when possible and refrain from extended outdoor activities. All others are advised to avoid strenuous outdoor activities.

This message will be updated this afternoon by 5:00PM or earlier if major changes occur.

Visit www.ourcleanair.com for additional air quality information or call the Air Quality Hotline at 785-4110.

This air quality update was issued by the Washoe County Health District, Air Quality Management Division.