Wardens Want Illegal Trapper

Kevin Dose says everyday he takes the White's Creek or Thomas Creek trail to get away from the office and give his dogs some exercise.

News the Department of Wildlife Game wardens have found traps illegally set in this area has him concerned.

“It is really disturbing, scary knowing that the dogs could find themselves in one of those traps. I
can't imagine the devastation that would do to one of them,” says Dose.

These are the traps in question.

There is no way to trace them as Nevada did away with trap registration back in 1995.

What wardens do know, they were placed along Thomas Creek closer than the thousand feet required by a 2005 law.

As if that weren't enough wardens say the design of the particular traps has unintended consequences.

“There was no spaces in the trap so that if raptors or birds of prey get caught they can get out and they do not stay stuck in the trap,” says NDOW Warden Kristy Knight

Wardens say they surveyed the area in hopes of catching the illegal trapper.

They were able to set a bobcat free after being caught in one of the traps.

And that's a problem too. NDOW says the trapper never came and checked the devices within a 96 hour required time frame.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this case, hikers who spotted the traps sprung them and notified the wildlife department.

The trapper apparently re-set the trap, and Wardens have not been able to find him or her.