WTC Beam to be Unveiled in Carson City

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Carson City, NV - The 1,600 lb. support beam that used to be part of the World Trade Center is still under wraps in Carson City. But this Sunday, it will be unveiled for everyone to see.

The steel beam is resting at Mills Park under a blue tarp. The beam has been in the Capital City for three months, but officials did not want to reveal it until the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. All of this will be lifted off at noon on Sunday during a ceremony that is open to the public.

"We have service men that do their duty and firemen. And I think it's our duty to show our respect to these individuals who lost their lives that day and for those individuals who gave their lives to save others," says Jim Shirk, the man who organized efforts to bring the beam to Carson City.

The monument will remain in Carson City, but Mills Park is only a temporary resting place for it. It is not yet known where the city will eventually move it.