WCSD Fundraising Registry Works to Protect Against Scams

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RENO, NV - Washoe County School District's award-winning Purchasing Department is at it again, creating an online clearinghouse for local fundraisers. The goal is to protect consumers by discouraging scams. The registry will also help them keep track of where the money is going.

"it's really a program that was put into place to vet people who want to provide fundraising opportunities for schools," says Denise Hedrick, Executive Director of Education Alliance of Washoe County. She points out that the registry is also a great way for groups to spread the word about what they are doing. Teachers and Parents can easily see what groups are raising money, and for what.

From bake sales, to car sales Hedrick says this time of year, many people and businesses come forward eager to help raise money for students. The new registry helps to assure parents that they are working with a legitimate group. Recently a Houston based dentist found he was duped, spending hundreds of dollars to advertise on the back of t-shirts for a local middle school. But the kids never got the shirts, and the dentist never got a refund.

Hedrick says that kind of scam is uncommon here, but with a registry of approved fundraiser they may be able to wipe them out completely. Applicants must provide organizational information and references. once the background check is complete they're put on a list that is available to the public. The program is new, and voluntary so fewer than a dozen groups are on the list now but it's quickly growing.

For more information about a fundraising group, or to register your organization - check out the link below.