Students Prepare for the Worst in Full-Scale Drills

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INCLINE VILLAGE -- Nevada is no stranger to earthquakes and the students at Incline High School are ducking for cover. It's all part of a full-scale earthquake Evacuation drill that is meant to help students and staff prepare for a real quake.

Like a routine drill, students and staff duck, cover and evacuate, but this time, students got to participate in a different way.

"They had cards on them, what the scenario is," Tracy Moore, Washoe County School District Emergency Manager said. "When you have a school full of several hundred kids, that becomes a very challenging event where it becomes a triage with a limited staff and a lot of kids who are wounded."

Emergency responders arrived at the school looking for injured students and staff as they would in a real-life scenario.

Casualties with a red tag puts you at the highest priority and a green tag means it's the least severe. All the agencies worked together to respond to the different curve balls.

"We had a lot of different scenarios thrown at the administration here and at the fire department and at law enforcement to test them out and do real life situations," Mark Regan, Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District assistant fire marshal said.

Students, parents and staff were given a general outline of the drill, but were unaware of the curveballs.

"It was kind of like a shock when we came back to the school because we were like, 'oh we didn't know that the paramedics were gonna be here and that there are still classes in the building,'" Abigail masters, Incline High School junior said.

At the end of the drill, school administration and all the agencies regrouped to review what went well and the problems they came across, like running into areas in the building with no reception.

"We really have to make sure our kids are accounted for, they're safe, and that our parents have the trust in the school district and the school that they're dong everything possible to protect the well being of their children," Stacey Cooper, principle said.

Everything can look perfect on paper, but until your plan is put into action, everything can change. Make sure your phone number and address are registered with the Washoe County so you can get the most up-to-date emergency alerts in your community.

The next full-scale drill will be on May 23 at McQueen High School and Billinghurst Middle School.