WCSD Campaign Looking for Community Volunteers

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RENO, NV - Next month, WCSD officials, legislators and community members will visit the homes of at-risk students as part of the district's "Door to Door for Student Achievement" Campaign.

"We go to high school students' homes and these are the students that are at risk of dropping out or not graduating on time," WCSD Superintendent Pedro Martinez said. "We encourage community members to come out and meet these children and their families and encourage these students to stay in school."

This is the campaign's third year. Last year groups visited about 200 students at their homes.

"Of the students we targeted last year, 80% graduated on time," Martinez said. "A lot of these children are in difficult circumstances and they just need someone to reach out and show they care, that the community cares and wants to see them succeed and be productive citizens in our community."

He says these visits can lead to long-tern relationships.

"After the initial visit many of the community volunteers stay in touch with the children and their families," Martinez said. "One of the things we're planning this year is inviting every volunteer to the graduation ceremonies so they can come see these children walk across the stage because that's the end goal."

The school district is accepting volunteers for the program until September 12. The campaign is set for September 20.

You can get more information on how to apply using the link to the right.