Voting Deadlines

It sounds busy at the registrar of voters office in Reno.

The activity is only going to get more intense as the deadline to register to vote in person now looms less than a week away.

“They are coming in to register, to change their registration, they might have changed their name, they might have moved within the county, they might have gotten a notice from us, that you are in inactive voter, or perhaps a canceled voter. They've got to get themselves registered if they want to participate in this upcoming presidential election,” says Dan Burk, registrar of voters for Washoe County.

The deadline to register in person is next Tuesday the 16th.

Office hours will be extended over the weekend and the office will be open on that Tuesday until nine at night.

Burk says he fully expects to go beyond the registration record of 231,700 in 2008.

He shows us a pile of registration forms from Saturday alone that need to be put into the system.

He estimates there are about 4,000 of them.

But handling a record number of registrations is only half the challenge.

Early voting starts on October 30th.

Sample Ballots start going out October 12

You have until October 30th to request a mail in or absentee ballot.

A request for such a ballot will be located in your sample ballot.

Burk says call his office if you haven't received the sample ballot by October 17th.

A lesser known deadline is this Thursday where a registered voter's right to vote can be challenged in writing by someone in his or her precinct.

Burk says the process is involved, and such challenges don't occur that often.