Washoe Voter Turnout Lower Than Expected

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Washoe County voter turnout was much lower than what was expected for Tuesday's 2014 Primary.

In total, 23.45% of registered Washoe County voters cast a ballot in the primary.

22,834 people voted early. 3,488 voted by absentee. 24,638 people actually showed up to the polls on election day.

This voter turnout was low, but not as low as the primary in 2012 when only 19.98% of voters cast their ballots.
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RENO, Nev.-- Washoe County voter turnout appears to be lower than expected for this primary election. According the Washoe County Registrar of Voters, Luanne Cutler, 5.5% of voters had cast ballots as of 3pm. This is in addition to the 10.5% who cast ballots during early voting. That brings the percentage of total ballots cast to about 16%.

As of 3pm, 38,206 people had cast their ballots, Washoe County has 217,655 registered voters.

Back in May, Cutler told KOLO 8 News Now she expected turnout in this election to be around 33%. She said non-presidential primary elections usually garner 30 to 32% voter turnout, but more people were expected to vote this time because of interest in the Reno Mayoral race and the Washoe County Sheriff's race.

Down in Clark County, the story is all the same. Of the nearly 776,000 registered voters, only 61,000 or about 8% cast their ballots during early voting. Since the polls opened this morning, voting percentages had raised to just over 13% by 3pm.

Statewide, things are not looking much better. Secretary of State Ross Miller this morning posed the question on Twitter "Will it be a record low?" Miller was referring to the fact that as of 11am, the statewide voting numbers were hovering at about 13%.

The numbers have seen a bit of a bump in the hours since Miller's tweet. As of 3pm, 15.17% of Nevada voters had cast their ballots. Nearly 60% of those ballots were cast during early voting.

But it is not over yet. Polls are open until 7pm and many people could be choosing to cast their ballot on their way home from work.