Volunteers Mark MLK Day

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STOREY COUNTY, NV -- Volunteers were busy sorting supplies at the Food Bank in Storey County Monday. Several people said they are volunteering to mark Martin Luther King Day. In the mid-90s congress designated the holiday as a day of service.

"I'm happy to be here I like working hard, so it's working out," a Patagonia worker who was volunteering said.

"It makes me feel like I'm helping the community out," Victoria McCrea, a volunteer, said.

Jocelyn Lantrip, the marketing director at the Food Bank, said despite an economic recovery, demand for assistance has not diminished.

"We've still been seeing increases, we've still been seeing people that have been out of work for a long period of time that are needing help month after month," Lantrip said.

Volunteer Lauren Cromer said: "They're usually not open on Mondays but it's a great time that people are available to come down and it works out great to have a bunch of people in here doing a bunch of work."