Virginia Lake Redevelopment Underway

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RENO, NV - The abandoned Virginia Lake Apartments are being torn down to make room for something bigger, and what locals agree is better.

It's out with the old and in with the new. For decades, the Virginia Lake Apartments have been neglected, attracting anything but tenants.

"When people start leaving and buildings become abandoned, it invites the wrong kind of element and crime," said Sharon Zadra from the Reno City Council.

For the last six weeks, Silverwing, a new developer had to do some remediation to take out asbestos material. Now, they're preparing to tear down the apartments and turn the 11-acre lot into a three story condo and apartment complex with 336 apartments to rent or buy. It will contain state off the art finishes like marble and granite and the complex will be equipped with a pool, spa and gym.

"As people come into town and look at Reno as a place to live or be a part of," Jay Witt, developer at Silverwing said. "This is the largest redevelopment plan in Reno since the downturn. i think it shows that Reno is back and the renting and housing market are greatly improved here."

The new complex will be called Edgewater @ Virgina Lake may be the answer locals have been searching for.

"We're excited for this reinvestment within our urban corp because that's really people are putting their money where their mouth is," Fred Turnier, community development director for the City of Reno said. "They're talking about our downtown, they're talking about or urban infill areas and this is a great project to move forward with."

Along with the redevelopment, they're looking to improve the quality of Virginia Lake. Silverwing has partnered with the city to put in a re-circulation system.

"It will allow the lake to act as a natural lake and it will remove all the algae blooms and add a lot more clarity in the lake as well," said Witt.

Demolition is set to start Tuesday and construction should wrap up in February.