Video Reveals Terror During IHOP Shooting

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Surveillance video shows just how terrifying a mentally ill gunman’s rampage was inside and outside of that IHOP in Carson City. It left five people – including the gunman – dead and seven others wounded on September 6.

Surveillance video captured from Locals BBQ in Carson City shows just how horrific the gun battle was in the IHOP parking lot on South Carson Street, back on September 6.

In the video, you can see the gunman Eduardo Sencion carrying a rifle and tearing through the parking lot. When he sees a woman near a motorcycle, he opens fire. She’s shot in the head. Fortunalely, that woman was wearing a helmet.

“The helmet saved her life,” says Ray Saylo, Deputy Chief of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

Security cameras from the Casino Fandango across the street also show the chaotic scene.

But the worst of the massacre was inside the IHOP. That’s where Eduardo Sencion shot and killed four people – including three Nevada National Guard members.

“Oh my God. Look at all the people down!” says one man in a 911 phone call. He was in the IHOP during the shooting.

“We’ll have people over there, okay,” the dispatcher tries to comfort him.

Nearly two months later, the windows at the IHOP have been replaced. An IHOP spokesperson says they still hope to reopen the restaurant by the holidays.

Note: Special thanks to the Nevada Appeal for the video