Victim of School Shooting Speaks Out

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SPARKS, NV -- For the first time, we are hearing from one of the victims in Monday's school shooting. His mother spoke Wednesday at Renown, but then he sat down with CNN.

Just three days after he was wounded when gunfire broke out on the Sparks Middle School campus, Mason Kamerer spoke candidly about the experience and how he made it out alive.

"I am lucky to be alive... and the bullet did not go through me... if it did, i would have been dead," said Mason

Through tears, Kamerer reflected on Monday's horrifying shooting.

"A few gunshots and I thought they were out in the distance... I was looking around my school and I was like 'why is everybody running from nothing'... then I saw Mr. Landsberry got shot. He was laying on the ground unconscious," said Mason.

It became clear this was a dangerous situation; at least one person was shot and a gunman still on the loose.

"I went to try and help Mr. Landsberry," said Mason.

It was instinct to lend a hand, but as Mason tried to help his fallen teacher, the doors into the school were being locked and he was on the outside.

"The closest entrance was in the south hall and I was trying and that's where I was shot," said Mason.

The shooter was about 15 feet away; he looked straight at Mason without saying a thing and pulled the trigger.

"There was a very sharp pain in my stomach... It went in like this and went through my tissue and kinda tried to exit out then it went down and shot behind here," said Mason.

The wound got the adrenaline pumping. Mason knew his life was still at risk, so he ran. No doors were open at his school, so he sought help at nearby Agnes Risley.

"Security that helped me, told me to lay down and put pressure on my wound," said Mason.