Vets Honored in Virginia City

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VIRGINIA CITY, Nv-- In Virginia City, every day is about honoring our veterans. It's obvious when you arrive for the first time and see the banners dedicated to the men and women who have served our country.

The town that promises to never forget a veteran chose a veteran from the Forgotten War as its Grand Marshal.

"I was on the front lines for eight months, and it was quite an experience," said Floyd "Buddy" Seymour, who fought near the 38th parallel in the Korean War.

Seymour was awarded the Bronze Star.

Along the parade route, several others received honors.

"It's kinda like 'hey, watch the parade, we are still thinking about you,'" said Mark Grills, who held a picture of his mother and father as he watched the parade.

Both were Navy veterans and have long since passed, but they're still worthy of recognition.

"He was a Frogman and he was on a destroyer S-corp, and she was a typist for the Navy," said Grills.

For most Americans, Veterans Day is about honoring those who served; for Vietnam vet Skip Jacks, it's about finally receiving long overdue respect.

"When I first came home I was accused of being a baby killer, and that really hurt," said Jacks.

Jacks said it took about 25 years for people like him to get recognition, but Monday's ceremony made it worth the wait.

"Today it really chokes me up a lot because I watch our American flag go by and it means so much to me," said Jacks.

That sentiment rings true in Virginia City, likely the most patriotic place in the Silver State.