Veterans Hospital And Neighboring School Have Long Partnership

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It was an even that combined a healthy after-lunch walk and a good cause.

The Third Annual VA2K Roll and Stroll Wednesday was also the latest chapter in a long history of partnership between Reno's Veterans Administration Medical Center and Veterans Memorial Elementary School.

At noon small groups of staff and patients walked or rolled in their wheel chairs down Locust Street.

Each was carrying a can of food bound for the stop on the first leg of their 2K jaunt at Veterans Memorial Elementary School two blocks away.

The students there are conducting a food drive which will benefit the V-A's Health Care for Homeless Veterans Outreach Center.

It turns out the hospital and the school have a close relationship which dates back to the school's beginnings in 1948. That history includes a number of events.

"During the holidays for instance, different areas of the hospital support a lot of our kids and come down and we have a big community activity with them giving presents," says the school's Dean of Students, Ron Jones.

"And we reciprocate by going up there and just spending time with them and getting the kids to understand there's something outside the boundaries of Veterans Elementary."

Some students joined the V-A walkers on the school's track. Others gathered the cans together in a CANstruction project, building what promised to be a castle.

"We might even get a little geometry lesson out of this," says Jones.