Verdi Post Office Set to Reopen After Fire

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RENO, NV - The Post Office in Verdi will reopen next week, almost 13 months after an arson fire did extensive damage to the building.

The renovated facility will open for business at 9:30AM Tuesday, January 22.

Since the fire on Christmas Day 2011, customers have been using the Peavine station in northwest Reno. The reopening means more than 775 rented Post Office boxes will be back in operation.

The new retail hours for the office will be 9:30 – 4:30 Monday thru Friday only. Access to Post Office boxes will be 24 hours.

Customers who haven't gotten their new keys yet can pick them up at the new office next week. They’ll need to provide identification and a current utility bill, and fill out a new application, since the old ones were destroyed in the fire.

“We appreciate the patience of the people of Verdi,” says Postal Spokesman David Rupert. “And we want to acknowledge the hard work of the owners of the building, and the building contractor, Reel Construction, for helping us restore our service to the community.”

“The fire destroyed everything, so we are starting from scratch. Pens. Papers. Forms. Equipment,” says acting Postmaster Terry James. “But we are working hard to be ready for customers.”