School Police: Sprinkler Incident at Spanish Springs High Accidental

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SPARKS, NV - Washoe County school police say their investigation indicates a sprinkler incident at Spanish Springs High School Friday morning was an accident, and no arrests are expected.

School district spokeswoman Vickie Campbell says the initial belief was an explosion started a small fire in a vending machine, and a suspicious package was found nearby afterward. But the investigation since then indicates a sprinkler head, possibly tampered with, broke and caused a loud noise in an alcove area, leading people to believe there had been an explosion. There was no explosion, according to school police, though water caused a small electrical fire in the vending machine. There is substantial water damage to the school.

Police say they have surveillance video of four students in the area shortly before the sprinkler broke, but were unclear whether those students were involved in any tampering. They have since determined a student was hanging his backpack from the wall-mounted sprinkler, which broke when he yanked the backpack away.

Campbell says classes are canceled for the day because of the cleanup and investigation. Students who walked or drove to school were allowed to go home; other students were arranged to be picked up at nearby Shaw Middle School.