Vandals Tag McQueen High Field

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RENO, NV -- Vandals did some serious damage to the McQueen High School Football Field Wednesday Night.

Most of the damage is cleaned up now, but Thursday morning it was a different story. Bleachers were tagged with red paint, buildings covered with offensive words and McQueen's late coaching legend disrespected.

"We saw spray paint had been placed in numerous places around the football field, on many of the buildings, on the turf itself," said Susan Denning, McQueen High School Principal.

Vandals broke in overnight and made upwards of 30 tags on the bleachers, the press box and anything else in their way.

"It's silly and its doesn't serve any purpose other than to cause a lot of time and effort and grief on our part," said Denning.

Last year, McQueen dedicated its field to legendary coach Ken Dalton, who died of cancer last year. His name on the field was crossed out by the vandals.

The cleanup effort began immediately.

"It's just sad, it's sad that kids would take that and make it personal," said McQueen alumnus Erik Miller, who installed the school's turf years ago.

"We're going to get it cleaned up. We're going to get it taken care of and make Coach Dalton proud," said Miller.

In the bleachers a Sheriff's Office crew was doing the same.

"It's so important for us to remove it as quickly as possible so that does not become a frequent spot,"said Brooke Howard with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office.

They were able to scrub off most of the tags, but other areas had to be repainted.

"I don't think people realize how much manpower goes into cleaning it. The cost of abating it as well. It does not just get cleaned by itself," said Howard.

Law enforcement and school officials are not pointing the finger at anyone, but similar instances have happened before when McQueen was scheduled to play Reno. The principal told the student body not to retaliate, but just go out there and beat them on the field.