Vandals Damage Windows at Local Stores

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Local businesses owners are frustrated after their windows are hit by vandals. Seven stores at Smithridge Center were damaged early Sunday morning.

Some business owners have fixed the damage, others are afraid to because they say vandals could strike again.
Replacing and repairing the windows isn't cheap.
Vandals scratched onto the windows of If the Shoe Fits.
The owner says repairing each window can cost around $800.
She actually has security cameras that captured the vandalism on video.
It shows five young men were behind it.

"Frustrated, very frustrated," says Lori Robertson, owner of If the Shoe Fits. "The holiday season, especially. Having to repair something like this cuts into what we may be able to do for someone else as in charities or being able to give discounts to customers. This costs us a lot of money."

The vandals also spraypainted on some of the properties. Other businesses that were hit include a yogurt shop and a craft store.
Business owners have already contacted Reno police, but they're hoping someone watching the news will recognize the men on the video and can help police.