Vandalism Takes A Dark Turn In Northwest Reno

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RENO, NV - "It's personal," says Bob Wilk, a homeowner in northwest Reno.

Wilk is frustrated, angry and more than a little concerned.

Twice in the past month his home in northwest Reno has been targeted by vandals.

Last month rocks were thrown at his company-owned work vehicle parked outside by two young men.

Last week the vandals or others returned and things escalated.

Video from his home security system caught it all. Thursday morning, 1:38 a.m., one young man walks by his driveway staring at his garage door, perhaps opening it with a remote control he appears to have in his hand.

He leaves and 20 minutes later another man, his face covered, walks into his garage. He stays two full minutes slashing four tires on Wilk's personal vehicles, then calmly walks away.

No other homes in the neighborhood were targeted, but Reno police say there have been other cases nearby. Their advice to homeowners: take precautions and look out for each other.

But Bob has already done just about everything police would advise. In fact, his home would appear to be more secure than most. Security cameras, lights and an alarm system.

"Not only do I have everything most others don't have, after the incident with my company vehicle last month I installed a new flood light," says Wilk. "It can just about illuminate a half block."

But it had little effect on the vandal who had apparently planned well and took his time and walked away unconcerned.

We don't get a good view of him, but as he walks away his head covering slips and we can see he's a white male with dark hair.

When this man entered the home as Wilk and his family slept inside, it became much more than a case of vandalism and that's what has Wilk concerned.

"It goes beyond the dollar amount of the damage to the personal vehicle," says Wilk. "Once they're in the garage will it stop there? Or will it go to intrusion of the house?

And he says, he won't be surprised if they return.

"I want them caught."

The security camera video won't help police identify the vandals, but he's hoping someone knows who they are and will call police or Secret Witness.

The crime fighting organization is offering a cash reward for information leading to arrest and prosecution.

Their number is 322-4900.

Reno Police spokesman Tim Broadway says his office will respond to any homeowner looking for advice on making their home more secure.
You'll find his contact information on this website under "Hot Topics."