Arrest in Midtown Vandalism

“Somebody from the alarm system called me, told me somebody had broken a window. So I had to come down here and checked it out,” said David Medina with Michaels Deli about the damage to his businesses Friday night.

The plate glass window took Medina about two hours to shore up he says, and will cost about $500 dollars to replace.

Talking to law enforcement he says the man who did this was drunk, and not only broke his large plate glass window, but also his neighbor's window next door at College Cyclery.

“The liquor store-convenient store next to us explained that the person was in their store trying to buy booze and they refused to sell to him and he got pissed walked down the street, breaking our window and broke Rudy's,” says Randy Collins of College Cyclery.

Both Collins and Medina say this is not a common occurrence in Midtown, and they have no intentions of leaving.

The area has been on the upswing with restaurants and businesses and surrounding neighborhoods are getting a facelift as well.

They say they feel good about the neighborhood and believe in its continued success.

The broken windows they say is simply what can happen when its late at night and someone has way too much to drink.

“It happens probably goes up with people that are inebriated walking out at night that are just causing trouble and its costs a bit of money,” says Collins.

The suspect in this case hurt himself on broken glass and was taken in to custody a short time after the window incident.

29 year old Jose Reyes faces destruction of property and possession of Marijuana.