Unused Vacation Time Piles Up

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The end of the year is quickly approaching and for many Americans that means any unused vacation time at work goes away.

According to Expedia.com, the average worker leaves four vacation days on the table at the end of the year. Those are days the person earned, but didn't use. That number is twice as high as the study the year before.

So why aren't Americans using all their vacation time?

According to Expedia:

25% like to keep days piled up in case they need to take a trip in the future.
22% say it's just too difficult to schedule vacations.
18% prefer getting paid for unused vacation days
16% say they just can't afford a vacation.
8% say they worry if they are not at work, it will reflect poorly on their work habits and they don't want to risk a bad impression in the workplace.

Expedia says if every employed American didn't take four vacation days last year, that would equal the loss of more than half a billion days spent away from work.