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ZEPHYR COVE, NV - Zephyr Cove resident Claudia Lamb says she's been trying to get insurance as long as the Nevada health exchange has been open.

That would be last October.

It all started because her previous insurance was one of those health insurance plans that was going to expire in Nevada and not be renewed as of December 31st.

“It was a policy so bad that it didn't follow the law,” says Claudia.

With the letter from Aetna telling her that policy would no longer be available on December 31st, Lamb got to work signing up for insurance through Nevada's Health Exchange.

“Our applications were being denied,” says Claudia

One reason? The exchange told Claudia she and her husband couldn't qualify for the insurance together because Richard is incarcerated.

However, he was sitting next to us at the table during the interview.

“3 hours 20 minutes, then I was put on hold and at that time the guy came back and I told him my phone was low on power it was actually beeping, he called me back,” says Claudia as she shows us her notebooks loaded with handwritten notations.

She's documented call after call, taking the names and numbers of everyone she's talked to.

She estimates she's spent more than 100 hours on the phone with more than 20 representatives, many telling her to try and apply again, and again, and again.

Finally at the end of January, Claudia says she was told she and her husband qualified.

They wrote a check for the premium, mailed it and waited.

No cards arrived, no letter, no email.

She called St. Mary's Health First and was told she had no insurance.

With pre-existing conditions, we can only guess this is the driving force behind Claudia's never-give-up attitude.

Consider she and her husband paid more than $20,000 in medical bills last year alone.

We talked to Nevada Health Link Thursday about Claudia's trials and tribulations.

Believe it or not, the incarceration claim is not unusual.

The exchange says most of it stems from anyone who's ever been detained at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas.

According to the exchange, even if no charges are filed, even detainees are ending up in the Federal data hub.

However, Claudia's husband has never been to the detention center.

The exchange surmised that Claudia's repeated attempts at the encouragement of facilitators on the phone to reapply may have put her application in trouble as well.

We put her in touch with the exchange in Carson City.

They say there are others in Claudia's same situation.

They are trying to resolve the problem.

Meantime her premium check has been cashed.

Claudia just hopes nothing medically happens to her before the insurance coverage kicks in.

We'll keep you updated.