University of Phoenix To Close Reno Campus, Going Online

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RENO, NV - Citing increased demand for more on line instruction, he University of Phoenix is closing its Reno campus along with 24 others.

According to school administrators the change is being driven by a change in the students themselves. The typical University of Phoenix student has a job and its easier to go home and log on than come here and sit in a classroom.

"Our students are demanding more and more on line availability and more and more on line classes," says Campus Director Dr. Bob Larkin. "So, we're providing that."

And there's little doubt today's student is more likely to be comfortable with the arrangement than their counterparts a decade ago.

"Our current environment is moving more toward social media," says Larkin. "Facebook, Twitter, where those relationships are well established. So this is just an extension of that."

Economics are also playing a role in the decision. The for profit school will cut its operating expenses by at least #300 million dollars by closing 115 locations including the Reno campus and 24 others.

The move means the layoff of support staff, though Larkin says all faculty is being retained.

Larkin says anyone enrolling today won't get the classroom experience, but present students will, if they want.

"We're going to be in northern Nevada with a physical location, physical presence until that last student who wants that classroom interchange has completed their program."

And, Larkin says speaking from his own experience from both sides of the question, the on line approach works well, even to the point of providing a personal relationship between student and teacher, even though they may never meet in person.