United Way Volunteers Build "Born Learning Trail"

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RENO, NV - June 21st marked the 6th Annual Day of Action for United Way volunteers around the world. Participants are encouraged to take action to improve their community. In Reno, volunteers gathered at Wheatland Park to build, what they call, a Born Learning Trail

The project is six years in the making but, Karen Barsell, President and CEO of United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra, hopes to expand this project throughout the community. She describes the trail as a way for caregivers of children 5 and under to learn things that they need to be ready for elementary school. How does it work? 10 stations are created along the park's pathway. Each has a sign instructing the adult and child to complete a task, like play hopscotch.

Friday morning was warm, but not too hot as volunteers from around the area pitched in to do the labor on the project. They painted, built the signs, and dug holes to fix them in place with cement. Everyone got their hands dirty, but they say working with the United Way on projects like this is it's own reward.

If you'd like to learn more about the interactive Born Learning Trail, or how to become a United Way volunteer - click the link below.