Unique & Personal Mother's Day Gifts

RENO, NV - On average, people will spend about $170 dollars on Mother's Day gifts. But it's not always the price tag that makes a gift special.

This Mother's Day, if you're tempted to just grab some flowers and a card, take two seconds and think again. This year, say 'I love you' with a gift that has the same amount of thought and time behind it that she put into raising you.

"Think outside the box, literally," Jessica Schneider, owner of Junkee's Clothing Exchange said. "Not the big box store. Do something that's more personal."

And what better way to do that than to spend a day creating memories with mom.

"Print her up a Midtown card," Schneider said. "Take her to breakfast at Creme, have some coffee at the Hub, come to Junkee's antique side. Mom's love that."

Or head to Recycled Records where you can spend the time flipping through old records to find her favorite band from back before she was your mom.

Fathers, don't think you're off the hook. Schneider suggests giving the mother of your child the day off.

"If it's the mother of your child, you give them a gift certificate anywhere in Midtown, you take the day I'll watch the kids. What mother doesn't like that!"

If you don't have all day to spend with mom, how about just a couple of hours at Picasso and Wine?

"They come in, have a couple glasses of wine, and paint and talk and spend a couple hours together and they walk away with a really beautiful piece of art that memorializes the day," Alissa Woods, owner of Picasso and Wine said.

Too busy now? There are always gift cards available.

The perfect Mother's Day gift is something that says, 'I thought of you this Mother's Day'.

"So really get into it this year, because they deserve it," Schneider said.