Underage Alcohol Check at UNR-Area Bars: 50% Compliance Rate

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RENO, Nev -- An undercover compliance check of bars near the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) revealed just a 50% compliance rate with age-limit laws as they relate to serving alcohol.

The operation was carried out by personnel from the Regional Street Enforcement Team, the City of Reno Code Enforcement, and two underage volunteers. The timing of the operation was prompted by recent complaints of bars serving alcohol to underage patrons and designed to coincide roughly with the start of the spring semester.

Overnight Friday into Saturday (Feb. 1-2), the team conducted checks in six bars near campus. If the bar staff asked to see identification (ID), the volunteers - who are 20 and 18 years old - presented their own, real ID cards.

The Regional Street Enforcement Team and a federal grant awarded through Join Together Northern Nevada (JTNN) funded the operation.

Three bars passed the alcohol compliance check by refusing to serve alcohol to the underage customers. Those bars are:
- Archie’s (2195 North Virginia)
- The Little Waldorf Saloon (1661 North Virginia)
- Corkscroo Bar & Grill (10 E. 9th Street)

Personnel from the Regional Street Enforcement Team and JTNN "would like to recognize and publicly thank the bars who passed the compliance check and encourage continued vigilance while verifying they only serve alcohol to customers over the age of 21."

Three other bars served alcohol to the under-aged customers, meaning they failed the age-check. Those bars are:
- Chewy & Jugs (3635 Kings Row)
- The Wolf Den (1305 North Virginia)
- The Pub N’ Sub (1000 Ralston)

Operation personnel provided notice and suggestions to the bars that failed the check. Officers gave all the bartenders who served the volunteers misdemeanor citations for Sales of Alcohol to a Minor with a fine of $500. Officers issued an addition citation to the bartender at Pub N’ Sub for not having attended the mandated alcohol awareness training mandated, another $500 fine.