Uncorked and Unplugged Charity

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SPARKS, NV - Hundreds of your neighbors raised a toast to charity Saturday night at John Ascuaga's Nugget for the first "Uncorked and Unplugged" fundraiser in Sparks.

A live band kicked off the first Uncorked and Unplugged fundraiser for health care, but it isn't just an event with good food, wine and beer. For guests like Jaime Endrosa, it is a learning opportunity. He no longer has the means to take care of his elderly mother-in law, so he's exploring his options.

"We are looking at the possibility of putting her in a nursing home that can provide her more exclusive attention, more than perhaps we can give her at home because we are two professionals still working with full time jobs so it's a little difficult," he said.

The Perry Foundation represents nursing homes in the community. All the proceeds will go toward caretakers and implementing quality care in the homes.

"We have monthly training, consulting out in facilities, we can identify buildings and nursing homes that have opportunities with care and we will go in with our staff and train them how to better serve the aging community," Robert Kidd, Perry Foundation director of operations said.

Each dollar goes toward giving back to the people who took care of us when we needed help the most.

"There's no one else i think in the state of Nevada that has really reach out and let the community know that we're here no to support this industry so we want people to know what we do," said Kidd.