USBC's Vegas Plans No Threat To Reno's National Bowling Stadium

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Reno just lost the big money Safari Club convention to Las Vegas.

So, there may have been a moment of panic with the announcement of plans to build a 60 lane bowling stadium at the South Point Hotel Casino there to host national tournaments.

Perhaps that's understandable. These tournaments are a major economic event.

"Who else brings in 50 thousand and more bowlers, then add on friends, family and guests over a three month period to fill hotel rooms at your destination," says Ben McDonald, Communications Manager for the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority.

"There's no question why there's a lot of other destinations clamoring for this business."

But, McDonald says, any panic is not only premature, it's unnecessary.

Although the sports' governing body, the U-S Bowling Congress, has signed an agreement with Vegas to host a number of tournaments beginning in 2017, its contracts with the convention authority here remain intact.

That means six more tournaments through 2018.

And "In our agreement from 2019 through 2030 we're guaranteed 10 tournaments at minimum," says McDonald.

In fact, the USBC went out of its way to address these concerns in its announcement saying "having Reno and Las Vegas in the mix is a strong 1-2 punch of great bowling cities that are also great vacation destinations."

"For the foreseeable future these tournaments aren't going anywhere," says McDonald, "and the city is working with us to continue to improve the National Bowling Stadium to ensure that the bowlers and the USBC are happy with the facilities and want to come back."

As part of that extended contract, Reno has agreed to spend $15 million dollars in renovation at the National Bowling Stadium.