Ex-Felon Arrested for US Bank Robbery in Carson City

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CARSON CITY, NV - A reliable witness helped lead Carson City deputies and FBI agents to the suspect in an afternoon bank robbery, minutes after it happened.

Shortly before 3:30 Monday afternoon the US Bank on Market Way in Carson City was held up, and an undisclosed amount of money stolen from the bank.

Several witnesses were able to tell initial investigators the description of the man and his getaway vehicle, but one woman, Sandra Delarge, stopped investigators to tell them she was able to get the license plate number of the car as it sped away.

Deputies learned Thomas Baye was the registered owner of the vehicle attached to that license plate, and he is an ex-felon for armed bank robbery.

Within ten minutes after Delarge provided investigators with the license plate number investigators and the SWAT team had Baye's house surrounded, and neighboring homes evacuated. One hour after the bank robbery itself, Baye surrendered to investigators.

FBI and sheriff deputies did fiend evidence inside Baye's home which ties him to the bank robbery.

He will be moved from the Carson City jail to the Washoe County jail pending federal bank robbery charges.