UNR's Concrete Canoe Team Wins Regional Competition

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RENO, NV - Engineering students at UNR created this year's concrete canoe for the regional competition. It took them six months, and hundreds of pounds of concrete, but it paid off, and now they're on their way to nationals.

They say they made dozens of different types of concrete, until they mastered a concrete mixture that is less dense than water.

This is the third year in a row that they've won regionals.

Their latest concrete canoe is lighter and faster than ever before, and they say they're coming out ahead because of all the hard work and practice that the team puts into the project.

"I mean, just our design paper alone, there's thousands and thousands of hours that go into the design paper," said Dustin Pefley, who's on the team. "As far as paddling is concerned, we practice four days a week, and that's more than any other school that we know about, i mean, we're here at 5 in the morning, we make it happen."

Next, UNR's team will compete in the national concrete canoe competition. This year, it will be held at the Sparks Marina, in June.