Nevada's Trash-Talking UNLV Video Irks Chancellor

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RENO, Nev. -- Healthy school rivalry or distasteful bashing? A fan video made by students at the University of Nevada, Reno has gone viral but it has angered some critics from the south.

It's often rare to go to a college that doesn't have a friendly rivalry with another school, especially in sports. That's evident between the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. However, some say a recent video made by students at UNR has taken that competition too far.

The star of the video calls himself J.C. or the "Savior of the Student Section." He's the unofficial mascot for the Wolf Pack, pumping up the student section at every game.

In one scene, he antagonizes a stick figure portraying a UNLV fan, saying "your school is a waste of state money" and continues with "your school sucks." J.C. proceeds to take the figure and slams it to the ground, an act that some say crosses the line.

"[The video] has no affiliation with the university whatsoever," Jane Tors, UNR director of communications said. "It was absolutely questionable in terms of the content that was in the video and I think that most of us who saw the video would hold that view."

The competition between the schools is often referred to as the Civil War. That rivalry between the northern and southern schools is purposely intensified in the video, according to J.C., but some students say it's just part of having school spirit.

"It's clearly hyperbolized. It's over the top, it's what makes the humor in the video."

School officials, however, couldn't find the humor. Although the video was produced by students outside of school hours, administrators says students need permission to use school logo for official matters.

"Students will see something like this as a learning opportunity to think about the content they put out there, how it reflects on the university as filmmakers, and as individuals who are entering the workforce," Tors said.

"It's fun to trash talk, for sure it is, but that's as far as what anyone would want it to go."

J.C says there are talks that new video will be made without the Nevada logos.


LAS VEGAS (AP) - Student filmmakers at the University of Nevada, Reno have agreed to revise a trash-talking YouTube video that demeans rival UNLV after the state's higher education leader complained to UNR President Marc Johnson.

The four-minute, satirical video promoting the Wolf Pack ridicules the Rebels in Las Vegas, at one point referring to UNLV as a "waste of state money."

Chancellor Dan Klaich told Johnson in an email obtained by the Las Vegas Sun he was "appalled" by the video's denigration of Nevada's sister institution. He said it undermines their hard work promoting collaboration and partnership between the two schools.

UNR officials have asked the students to remove the school's logo from the video.

UNR senior Brad Sergott, the video's photography director, says they've also agreed to edit out objectionable parts.