UNR President Milton Glick Dies: 'Adored' on Campus

RENO, NV - University of Nevada, Reno President Dr. Milton Glick died Saturday night from a stroke, according to university officials.

Glick is remembered for his dedication to students and lasting impact on UNR. He came to Reno in '06 to take the president position from Arizona.

Channing Bolin, a UNR student, says she witnessed Glick's stroke Saturday night at a restaurant.

"The hostess was on the phone and President Glick's wife was in a panic my mom being a nurse knew something was wrong and ran over," she said.

Bolin said UNR President Milton Glick was showing signs of a stroke as he dined, spilling water and losing feeling on one side.
He had just spoken with her.

"He talked to me about majors being being cut and the stress he was undergoing during the budget cuts and he was really a nice gentleman."

The reputation of getting know each and every student is what many say made Milton Glick a president who stood out from the rest.

"He wanted to know why I came to the school and he cared about... why I'm here, he was really a nice man," one student said.

Glick led UNR through a time of unprecedented growth, and budget concerns. He spoke of the strides the university has made during a taping of a public affairs show Thursday.

Thursday Glick said: "We just graduated the largest class in our history, 66-percent more students than we graduated a decade ago."

It wasn't just the number of students Glick concerned himself with but the experience they had at the University of Nevada. He purportedly didn't like to take credit for it, but under his watch the campus added the Joe Crowley Student Union, Knowledge Center and Davidson Math and Science Center.

"I think his legacy will be that he brought in so many National Merit scholars for us," a student said.

Students also credited Glick with fighting to reduce budget cuts to higher education. The fight to maintain the integrity of education came from a soft-spoken man, whose approachability was legendary. His demeanor, earned him the respect of students and faculty alike.

"He was adored he was informal he was known as the man under the hat he always had a light comment for students and faculty," Executive Vice President and Provost Marc Johnson said. His remarks refer to a hat Glick was known to often wear.

Students are planning to hold a candlelight vigil for Glick Monday night at 8:30 on the Quad.