UNR Police Looking for Possible Stalker

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RENO, NV - UNR police are working with Reno police to investigate two incidents of females being followed by at least one suspicious driver.

Police say on March 8 about 7pm, a woman reported being followed from the area of Virginia Street and 10th Street to Angel Street by a man in a black truck with a small white rectangle shape on the cab of the truck.

The man drove alongside the woman, then parked at the cemetery in the area and continued watching her. She says he's around 40-50 years old, but has no other description.

In the second incident, a UNR student reports that on Monday, March 12, at 3:30pm, a man drove alongside her in the area of College and Ralston Streets and attempted to coax her into his vehicle.

The woman ran to her car while the man followed her. She says he's black and had scruffy facial hair, is 40-50 years old, and was driving an older white Isuzu Rodeo with two blue stripes on the side and no license plates.

UNR police stress they don't know at this point that there is a crime, but they believe there is enough coincidence between the incidents to make sure people in the area are aware.

If you have any information regarding these incidents, contact 682-7284 or Regional Dispatch at 334-COPS (2677).