UNR Construction Project Goes on as Planned

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RENO, NV - Despite being sued by two Reno-based contractors, the plans to build a new student achievement center at the University of Nevada Reno will proceed.

The new achievement center would be built in the site of the Getchell Library building, which has been vacant for years.

A Washoe County judge denied a request by Q&D Construction and Clark & Sullivan Constructors to delay the construction project. They claimed that the University hampered their ability to compete for the 36 million dollar contract. But the University says they hired Core Construction Services of Nevada simply because they were best suited for the job.

"This is not a situation where we have to go with the lowest bidder this is a different type of project it’s called an construction manager at risk and so we can look at a lot of different things like their experience their expertise in this type of project. If they make it to the final cut then we look at what they propose to do but we can evaluate their experience their litigation history so it’s different from a situation where the lowest bidder is taken," says Mary Dugan, UNR general counsel.

The new achievement center could be completed by August 2015.