UNR Art Display Designed for Masters Degree

At first look, Colby Stephens' elephant and donkey, both with wings of dollar bills, are self-explanatory.

Politicians and money, right?

Well, not exactly.

For a year and a half, Stephen has worked on a thesis that incorporates mythology, finances, politics, and the media.

He became fascinated with the Federal Reserve, what is was designed to do and what it actually does.

“What I learned was that mismanaged Fed policy has a disproportionate effect on the poor and middle class and so at that point I started realizing that it was a social justice issue,” says Stephens.

That is in part why these political symbols have wings of ones. His point of view is based in part on the mythology of Icarus, the man who flew too close to the sun with waxed wings and fell to his death.

Stephens says each party spends money on its own projects, but it's money he says that's not real, its borrowed and means financial disaster.

With his own money, Stephens created this map of Greece made also from U.S one-dollar bills.

He says that Mediterranean country is heavily in debt, and wonders if our country isn't going in the same direction.

This pump makes noise loud or soft based on the current price of gold.

He says while it makes a sound, it produces nothing

These crows represent the media.

Every 8 minutes they go off and argue for a total of five minutes.

He says the squawking is not intelligent or informative, much like some of the rhetoric we see on cable news channels.

Stephens says he hopes his exhibit is provocative and elicits discussion and thought. You can see it for yourself from 11am to 6 until May 9th.