13 Months Later: Verdi Post Office Open For Business Again

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It seemed like everybody in Verdi had a smile on their face today and for good reason.

The small community's post office was once again open more than two years after it was severely damaged in an arson fire.

During that time residents have had to retrieve their mail from a post office in Reno, four miles away, a real problem for seniors and those with limited access to transportation.

Now that's all past. today the Post Office was open for business and it was a busy place.

"Thank God," said resident Jim Orr, who stopped by to check his mail." I couldn't wait to come down here. I was having lunch with my wife and I said 'I've got to get down to open our box even if there's nothing there."

It was all the more special for Linda Bernal. It was her birthday and the first piece of mail she picked up was a parcel. Inside, a birthday present from her kids, equipment and aprons she'll use in her new muffin bakery business, Gourmet Elegant Mini Muffins.

"Thank you Post Office for opening," she gushed.

The Post Office opens with changed hours. The counter is open from 9:30 am to 12:30, closes for an hour for lunch, then reopens from 1:30 to 4:30.

The building with its individual boxes is open 24/7.

A Reno resident, Justin Bennett, has admitted to setting the fire as part of a Christmas Eve rampage that included shots fired at local motels and adult businesses.

He is still awaiting trial.