Two Prominent Scams Targeting the Public

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CARSON CITY, NV - The Carson City Sheriff's Office is warning the public of a money and a grandparent scam.

Sergeant Scott McDaniel with the Carson City Sheriff's Office says the office is receiving calls from the public regarding this scam.

He says the scam involves people being called and told that a warrant for their arrest has been issued for failure to show up for jury duty.

The caller identifies themselves using the real name of a deputy or a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper, according to Sgt. McDaniel.

The caller is also known to give the name of a current judge as being the one who signed the warrant, according to Sgt. McDaniel.

He says the caller will then try to convince the victim to send a MoneyPak or some other form of pre-paid debit card.

The grandparent scam, which Sgt. McDaniel says is also going around, consists of a person receiving a call from someone claiming to be a grandchild. He says the alleged grandchild claims to have gotten in trouble while out of state or the country.

Sgt. McDaniel says the victim is asked to call a phone number to make arrangements for the alleged grandchild's bail. After calling the number, the victim is instructed in regards to payment.

This scam typically involves wiring the money for pick up.

If you have received a similar phone call, report it to Carson City Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at (775) 887-2011.