Two Female Bodies Discovered in Canyon; Handgun Found Nearby

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CARSON CITY, Nev. - Two bodies have been discovered in Voltaire Canyon.

Angel Cole was walking his dog around 8:30 am on Thursday in Voltaire Canyon, when he saw a silver SUV. He saw two people on the ground in front of it and thought he should talk with them.

"I first thought they were four-wheeling and could have rolled their truck or something and I saw blood dripping out of one of the person's heads as they were laying on the ground and I walked up to see if they needed any help and that's when I saw the gun," says Cole.

He says it was a .44 Magnum.

"I knew exactly what happened then and I saw the bullet hole in the lady's head and at that time, I kind of freaked out a little bit," says Cole.

He and his dog rushed to the nearest home in the area, which was about a half of a mile away. He called 911.

Carson City Sheriff's deputies arrived. Authorities removed the bodies. A tow truck also showed up and took away the silver Toyota Sequoia, which was not registered to either of the women found at the scene.

"We don't know motive at all yet," says Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong. "It's very very early on. Surely we will be trying to contact those associates of those two persons and recreate what they've been doing over the past week or so."

The Sheriff says detectives do know that there was no third person at the shooting. His office is not looking for a shooting suspect.

Angel Cole says his dog, Trinity, is still upset about the discovery. He can feel it. As for himself, he's not sure if he will be okay.

"I don't know, I can't think that far in yet," says Cole. "Maybe I was supposed to find them. Who knows?"

The two bodies have been taken to Washoe County so autopsies can be done.

Sheriff Furlong says the shooting either happened sometime overnight. Both of the women are Native American.