Two Arrested After Allegedly Eluding NHP Trooper

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RENO, NV - Two Reno men have been arrested on a variety of charges, accused of speeding away from a traffic stop.

The Nevada Highway Patrol says shortly before 2AM Monday, a trooper was helping Reno police with traffic control after a power outage turned off signal lights on North McCarran Boulevard.

While he was there, the trooper watched a Toyota Camry speed through an intersection, and went after the driver, pulling him over. He then got some information and walked back to his patrol car to write a ticket, but the driver sped off before the trooper was done.

The trooper gave chase again, catching up with the car when it crashed near the intersection of McCarran and Rock in Sparks.

Inside was the driver, 34-year-old Gary W. Pressell, and the passenger, 42-year-old Ronald L. Ybarra. The NHP says Presser ran away and was caught after a foot chase, while Ybarra stayed in the car.

Both men had misdemeanor warrants out for their arrests on unrelated charges. They were also booked for several driving-related and drug charges.