Tweet the Love

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RENO, Nev. -- For children in the hospital, support from others often makes it easier to get through their stay and back to playing with friends. Sometimes just hearing words of encouragement can make them smile. Renown Health has created a new way for you to send words of love to these patients.

Fourteen-year-old Nicki Stone spent the last two months in the hospital. She had scoliosis, an abnormal curving on the spine. To correct it, doctors operated on her, but it got infected. They had to fix it, but it got infected again, which resulted in two more surgeries.

Like many other young patients, she has to come back to the Children's Infusion Center every day to finish her treatment.

"It took a while to do what I would normally do again in a way where I wouldn't hurt myself. They had to teach me how to get out of bed and normal stuff like that," she said.

Her stay was a little bit easier thanks to the support from her friends and family.

Now, instead of sending in cards or notes to patients, you can send your messages of love from anywhere with just a click of button.

Renown launched "Tweet the Love" to let members of the community to send positive messages to patients on Twitter.

"It's been an amazing thing to see that people will take the time that they don't even have and know to send a message of hope or send some cheer their way," Angie McEvers, Child Life Specialist said. "Just for our community to take the time for somebody they don't even know to do that means a lot."

Messages from family, friends and even strangers let the patients know they're not forgotten.

"To see people who were part of that patient's care years ago be able to tweet and follow up with them that way is kind of cool to see that," McEvers said. "Parents love that."