Turkey Giveaway Exceeds Expectations

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The sign out front said it all.

"Sorry, No More Turkeys"

It was barely past noon and the folks at Burgarello Alarm had planned to be passing out frozen turkeys to all who needed it from 9 am to 4 pm.

The first person in line was there at the company's building on an obscure side street in the Sparks Industrial Area at 4:30 am.

Steven Saari, the company's Marketing Director, arrived a few hours later.

"They were sitting in lawn chairs waiting," says Saari.

By 8:30 there were 40 to 50 people in line.

"We decided to start handing them out at that point," says Saari. "We didn't want to make people wait. By about 9:15 we had already given away about 175 of them."

They were running out. Employees were dispatched to buy 50 more. Barely another hour had passed and they were gone.

In all 275 turkeys left the Burgarello shop in two hours.

"Sadly, we had to turn people away," says Saari, who says the response surprised the people at Burgarello, but indicated they were on the right track when the decision was made to do something for the community this holiday.

It was the first year for the event. He says they plan to do it again next year.