Burn Code Now Yellow in Truckee Meadows; Voluntary Ban in Effect

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Wednesday, January 9: AQI 93 Moderate (PM2.5).

Wednesday morning’s wood burning color code has changed from RED to YELLOW. Air pollution levels have begun to dissipate with changing weather conditions. Stronger winds are forecasted this afternoon which will begin to mix down to valley floors and clear out much of the haze and pollutants. Residents of the Truckee Meadows are strongly encouraged to voluntarily reduce using their fireplaces, wood stoves, and pellet stoves until conditions improve. Reducing burning now can help prevent air pollution from reaching unhealthy levels.

If you must use your fireplace, woodstove, or pellet stove, then remember to:

Use only dry, seasoned wood;
Build small, hot fires instead of large smoldering ones;
Give your fire a generous air supply; and
Never burn trash including newspapers and magazines.

This message will be updated Wednesday afternoon by 5:00PM or earlier if major changes occur.

Visit www.ourcleanair.com for additional air quality information or call the Air Quality Hotline at 785-4110.