Trustees May Settle Open Meeting Violation

RENO, NV - Nevada's Attorney General says Washoe County's School Board of Trustees did violate the open meeting law when they ousted Superintendent Pedro Martinez. In a complaint, the AG'S office says 6 trustees violated the Open Meeting Law 6 different ways on July 22.

At that meeting, trustees questioned Martinez about his claims of being a CPA. According to the attorney for the trustees, Kent Robison, a settlement has been reached with the AG's office which now only needs a vote by the trustees in an open meeting.

“The trustees on an individual basis have expressed consensus to enter into this agreement and the AG's office has agreed if they do that, it will be a complete final resolution. And in order to make it so we are not in front of the AG's office again, it will be taken to a public meeting scheduled for September 9th,” says Robison.

If approved, the 6 trustees will pay $1,500 apiece to settle the complaint.

Robison says the AG's findings have no impact on the Martinez lawsuit against the trustees.

He says the trustees previously admitted to the violation, and re-instated Martinez to his post 7 days later.