Trustee Talks Candidly About Mieras Termination

RENO, NV - A school board trustee is speaking out about the firing on Friday of the Washoe County School District police chief. Howard Rosenberg is the only trustee to talk on camera. That's after contacting several other trustees who said they only recently found out about the Mike Mieras firing and knew nothing more, or didn't want to go on the record extensively.

“I'm sorry. That kind of thing might have better been communicated by the superintendent himself to members of the board,” says Washoe County School Board Trustee Howard Rosenberg.

Rosenberg says it's that lack of communication between Superintendent Pedro Martinez and the board that frustrates Rosenberg, and the firing of Mike Mieras is a stellar example of that communication lapse and one reason Rosenberg says Martinez received only an average performance rating from the board about a month ago during his annual review.

“There seems to be some kind of situation where there is a confrontational situation between the superintendent, who works for the board, not the other way around--now there are times when I will ask a question and he is very forthcoming. I have no problem that way at all. My problem is the way this was handled,” says Rosenberg.

Rosenberg says he's tried to talk to Martinez about the Mieras firing, but just as Martinez has not made himself available to KOLO, he has not talked to Rosenberg either.

Rosenberg says the police chief's termination hasn't been handled well, and wonders if another firing is in the works, one the board again knows nothing about.

Rosenberg says the entire incident has been handled badly, and there is nothing in Mieras' performance he knows of that would warrant such treatment.

“I mean, you take a man whose entire life has been what he is doing. And you throw it away? Without reason? The only reason was, we have decided we are going in a different direction. Do you have any idea what that means because I don't,” says Rosenberg.

Rosenberg says the board can vote to overturn the superintendent's decision to sack Chief Mieras.

It would take a majority vote.

It would also have to be done in an open meeting.

The board meets next at the end of July.