Truckee Tobacco Bust

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Three stores were busted for selling tobacco to minors in Truckee during a recent sting operation. The operation was conducted by the Truckee Police Department along with the Nevada County Tobacco Use Prevention Project. 17 merchants locations were contacted during the sting. The locations that failed the test included the Union 76 gas station at 12373 Donner Pass Road, the 7-Eleven store at 11400 Donner Pass road, and Z Marketplace at 12716 Northwoods Blvd. In each case, the clerks responsible for the sale were cited.

A similar was held in July. At that time, no enforcement action was taken. Instead, each store was sent a letter advising of them of the results of the attempt of minors to purchase tobacco from their location. The purpose of that operation was only to determine diligence of local clerks verifying a customer's age before selling tobacco products. In California you must be 18-years-old to purchase tobacco. The Truckee Police Department advises additional compliance checks will be conducted on a periodic basis.