Truckee Meadows Water Authority Helps Homeowners Winterize

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RENO, Nev. - With winter fast approaching, the Truckee Meadows Water Authority is reminding homeowners to winterize their irrigation systems, preferably by the end of the month. They're holding two free workshops during the month of October to explain the process.

“The workshops are intended to empower customers to be able to do this themselves,” water conservation consultant Lauren Reid said. “Landscape companies also provide this service at a cost but we try to break it down because it's simple enough to do yourself.”

TMWA employees went through the process for several dozen homeowners Wednesday evening.

“The biggest hurdle is figuring out how your system works, getting familiar with it so you can shut it down every year,” Reid said.

They recommend the process to anyone with a sprinkler system. If water is left in the pipes, they could freeze and burst.

“When people don't turn off their irrigation properly and they do freeze it's a big mess,” water conservation coordinator Lauren Kunin said. “We've seen ice skating rinks out there when people didn't winterize.”

You can check to see if you've done the job properly by looking at your water meter.

Once the system is shut off, they recommend keeping it that way through the winter months and using a hose if plants and trees need attention during the winter months.

“If you do put water on your trees, disconnect the hose afterward and let that drain out so you don't get any ice stopped up in your hose,” Reid said.

TMWA also recommends insulating pipes and faucets in unheated areas, sealing off access doors and air vents and leaving cabinet doors open on colder days. This allows warm air to circulate under sinks.

There is another free workshop at TMWA's main office, 1355 Capital Blvd., on October 29th.